Proud to Launch Package Deals

What if, instead of being able to buy a car, you had to take an inventory of parts around to competing dealerships to get quotes and hope you could put them all together to make a car in the end? I know I wouldn't be able to own a car. So why do we put up with this from marketing agencies?

At Rocketworks, we’re proud to have launched some package deals that don’t just give you the parts you need, they give you the whole thing. For example, new businesses can take advantage of the Start-Up Launcher that helps them get their business' name out there (a logo, business cards, letterhead, and a website) all at price 20% lower than if the business bought each element separately.

In addition we have a variety of package deals for existing businesses as well as sports teams (and right now, if your baseball team needs a re-brand, you can take advantage of an even bigger discount through our World Series Sale).

Don’t see a package deal that’s right for your business? Let us know, and also know that our services are always available à la carte, so you can get exactly what’s right for you.


Philip Wiebe1 Comment